02:29:29 (automated message) Thanks for contacting Nightline. We're here to listen. A volunteer will be with you soon...

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02:29:37 You are no longer in a queue, Operator Volunteer joined the chat
02:29:41 Volunteer: Hello Nightline
02:34:26 Volunteer: Take your time, Nightline is here to listen. However, would you be able to type something, even send a blank message, just to let me know you are still there?
02:41:01 Volunteer: You seem to be finding it difficult to talk at the moment. You've made the first step and we want to be there for you. If you would find it easier we can also talk by phone or by email. We're here 6pm to 8am. Goodbye for now.
02:41:04 Operator Volunteer left the chat